Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Peer to Peer Accreditation Award sponsored by Aston University,UK

 Global School Partnerships in collaboration with Aston University offered a Peer to Peer Accreditation, an online professional learning course wherein the teacher coordinators of both the schools(Modern Public School and Chasetown Community School,UK) actively involved in leading the partnership could use the forum to share the partnership experiences,their successes and strengths and explore how effective they are for global learning. Each partner coordinator had to submit two summaries of 2000 words and 1000 words each detailing their partnership journey over the years, how both the schools have contributed and the challenges the partnership faced. This online Peer to Peer Accreditation Course on Sustainable Partnerships was successfully completed by Ms Kavita Bhatia, the teacher coordinator of School’s Exchange Programme and was acclaimed and honoured by Aston University Module Award in the Award Ceremony.