Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Great Privilege

Hatred is never appeased by hatred
Hatred is only appeased by love
This is an eternal law… 

To promote this message, school welcomed the members of World Peace Prayer society on 7 November 2013. The honourable members included Mr. Shoichiro Yoshida – Group leader and Chief member of World Peace Prayer Society Ms. Yukiko Yoshida ,Ms. Minako obuko , Ms Tamaki Nori , Mr. Hashimoto Akio ,Mr. D. S. Chauhan – Japanese Interpreter, Mr. Chandra B.Singh – COO Impac Group of Co. & facilitator of Event.

The objective was to spread the message “May Peace prevail on Earth”. A peace pole was planted in the school premises as an international symbol of peace. It justified the true definition of peace that it is strength and blessing gifted to us by God.
Mr. Shoichiro Yoshida addressed the gathering and urged the students to spread the message of universal brotherhood and harmony amongst each other.

Madam Principal thanked the members of World Peace Prayer Society for manifesting peace amongst the children of the school.